This page contains everything you need to publish on the World Wide Web.

Personal Pages

All students at Carleton can create personal web pages. All you need is a familiarity with HTML (the mark-up language used to create web pages) and a bit of disk space in your home directory. Complete instructions are available in the Student Web Pages help sheet.

Student Organization Pages

Student organizations can also have web pages, which can be listed on the Student Organizations Page. Pages for organizations can be stored in personal folders, or special organizational folders can be set up to store them. Contact Mark Heiman ( to register an organization page or request an organizational folder.

Resources for Web Builders

The policy governing publication on Carleton's Web server
This will be interesting to you if you've ever wondered about the disclaimers and other official stuff on the Carleton pages.

Resources for learning HTML
A good assortment of tutorials and guides to get you started.

Netscape's instructions on creating client-side imagemaps
If you want a clickable imagemap on your page, this is the way to go.

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