Welcome to Carleton's Student Web Server. This is not the official web site for Carleton College; that's at http://www.carleton.edu

This server exists to serve web pages for Carleton students.

How do you find someone? Student pages, if they exist, can be found by visiting student.carleton.edu/~netid, where netid is the CarlNet ID of the person whose page you wish to see. Student organizations are indexed on the student organizations page.

Interested in creating a page for yourself, or your student organization? Visit the web site-building resource page.

Postings to Carleton's World Wide Web by individuals and student organizations reflect their own thoughts, interests, and activities; they do not implicitly or explicitly represent official positions and policies of Carleton College. Individual page maintainers assume responsibility and liability for the content of their documents.

Please address all comments and other feedback to the owner of the page. For details about this policy, see the Carleton WWW Policy or contact webmaster@carleton.edu.

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